Northwest Africa 3143 Diogenite

Meteorite for sale;  A 6.2 gram end cut of a 2335 gram Diogenite with black fusion crust and pale orange, translucent interior purchased from a Moroccan dealer in Rissani, Morocco by A. and G. Hupe in August 2004.
The overall pale orange color of this meteorite appears to be the result of mild staining by iron hydroxides after arrival on earth.


A class of achondrites composed of mostly coarse grained magnesium rich orthopyroxene. This suggests that diogenites originate in deep magma chambers within 4 Vesta's crust. They are intrusive igneous rocks similar to some found on earth that cooled slowly allowing the pyroxene to form sizeable crystals.
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Price: $93.00

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  • ADIO.1