Manzanita Lab Offers:

Fossils And More

The specimens that you will find in these pages are items of special interest and undoubted origin that we can offer at prices that are fair to both the buyer and Manzanita Lab.

Madagascar Fossil AmmonitesMadagascar Ammonites

Exciting decorative ammonites and superb collector's pieces from exotic Madagascar.

Find much more information on these beautiful ammonites in our online treatise: Ammonites!

Russian AmmonitesRussian Ammonites

Ammonites from Mickhailov, Russia preserved in golden pyrite with septum cavities lined with druzy pyrite crystals.

Fossils From ChinaChinese Fossils

China's beautifully preserved Jurassic and Oligocene age vertebrate fossils.

Fossils From LebanonLebanese Fossils

Lebanon's beautifully preserved Cenomanian age fossils have been collected for many years.  The fauna preserved include vertebrates and invertebrates.

Fossils From MoroccoMoroccan Fossils

400 million year old ammonoids from the Atlas Mountains and fossil teeth from the phosphate deposits of Khouribga!

Green River Fossil FishGreen River Fossils

Fossil fish from Wyoming's Green River Formation!


The beautiful ammonites from Madagascar are available in bewildering variety but, until now, actual information about them has been almost completely unavailable.  Manzanita Lab's new 274 page "Description of Species" with descriptions of 250 of the more common ammonite species from Madagascar is intended to help fill the void.
Our library contains a few original manuscripts on Madagascar's ammonites.  Meticulously scanned and hand collated reproductions of these originals are available from time to time in our Paleontology Manuscripts section.
Manzanita Lab also maintains a library of downloadable manuscripts in "pdf" format available at no charge to registered users.  More information can be found in our Downloads page.